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A brief piece of writing that is referred to as an essay, requires students to look at a particular concept or notion in a focus and concise way. Essays are similar to research papers in that they require close reading, an analysis, and synthesis. The purpose of the essay must be clearly defined and the essay’s style must be concise and clear. The purpose of any essay is to persuade the reader. This is why it’s crucial to have a clear purpose and direction in mind when writing.

Before beginning the actual writing process, you should brainstorm ideas that relate to the subject. Brainstorming ideas is the best method of doing this. Freewriting may allow you to think of a variety of options at once before deciding those that are most effective. If you’ve come up with the idea of writing an essay You must analyze the concepts you’ve put together and come up with proof. You’ll also need to be sure to use cohesion devices such as citations, paraphrases, and paraphernalia in order to write an essay that has an enlightened point of view.


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